VigRX Plus Review: How It Increased My Erection Size By 62%

In today’s article, we will review the most popular male enhancement pills called VigRx Plus by Leading Edge Health.

These pills have been brought on the market to treat men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. They quickly released that these pills are so strong that they could also be used to get harder and stronger erections for the regular man.

I got referred by a friend who was so impressed by the results that I needed to try them. In this VigRx Plus review, I will share with you the results after using it for 30 days

If you’re looking to last longer and have bigger erections, you should definitely read this article in full.

VigRx Plus is often referred to as the natural viagra because it has similar effects but only contains naturally occurring ingredients.

It has been formulated and created to help men suffering from ED, which is a growing issue amongst men worldwide.

Erectile dysfunction is a symptom most common in older men. However, recent studies showed that younger men are also increasingly getting ED problems. 

VigRx Plus is designed by Leading Edge Health to combat ED but also to help men to get an erection faster and longer.

VigRx Plus 60 Tablets Packages

The difference between VigRx Plus and other natural ED pills, like Male Extra or Viasil for example, is that it contains a unique and patented blend of natural ingredients.

Leading Edge Health started out with just VigRx Plus Pills, but they also designed the Delay Spray, Oil, and Prostate Support and also Prosolution Plus.

What Can You Expect From VigRx Plus?

The first time I heard about VigRX, one of my best friends recommended it to me. He had been using it for a month straight and had amazing results. 

It got me very curious since there is no harm in having a better performance in bed, right?

So when I did some more research regarding these natural male enhancement pills, I found that VigRX Plus has the following benefits:

  • Boost your libido and sex drive – your desire for sex will be sky-high.
  • Enhances natural testosterone levels – will result in a higher libido and muscle mass and an overall sense of well-being. 
  • Increase nitric oxide – this will result in enhanced blood flow, making it easier to get an erection but also makes your erection rock hard.
  • Raise confidence and overcome anxiety – you do not have to worry anymore. Your sexual performance will be through the roof.

I learned that the results are heavily dependent on the length of usage. So, the people that used it for at least 2 months straight noticed more benefits than just 1 month.

The genuine thing about VigRX is that they did multiple clinical studies to test their own product. The results from these studies were mind-blowing, and that’s why they decided to broaden their product range.

One study showed that VigRX Plus boosted the number of orgasms by 22,49%. In the image below you will also see that erectile function and sexual desire were boosted by over 50%.

vigrx plus orgasm increase

The study they completed provided one group a placebo and one group VigRx Plus. The results showed that intercourse satisfaction was increased by 72% after using VigRx Plus. 

Vigrx plus intercourse satisfaction

The study they completed provided one group a placebo and one group VigRx Plus. The results showed that intercourse satisfaction was increased by 72% after using VigRx Plus. 

One thing that the researchers found out was that the longer you use VigRx Plus, the more effects were noticed. 

You can see this very clearly in the image below. People who used it for more than 84 days showed an IIEF-total of almost 65 and the 28 days group only 55.

vigrx plus IIEF effect total

My Personal Experience With VigRx Plus

So I’ve used VigRx Plus for 30 days straight, and I am currently in my second month. The first time I observed some effects was around week 1 of using it daily.

But first, let me explain to you why I started using it in the first place…

As I’ve told you previously, a friend suggested me VigRx Plus. We’ve had a good talk about my relationship with my partner, and something was just missing. Not that I do not love my partner, but something was missing in the bed. 

My friend told me that he used VigRx as a natural male enhancement, which worked like magic. So, that got me very interested about it. After doing my research, I went for a 30-day package, and o boy, I do not regret it.

So after 7 days, I noticed a significant increase in erection size. It felt way stronger and bigger as well. My partner was pleasantly surprised.

However, after week 2, the magic really happened. My load size increased drastically, and I could go on all night. 

If you’re more looking for a product that will increase your semen load, I recommend checking out Volume Pills or Semenax.

I would say that VigRX Plus really saved my relationship and also gave me my confidence back. I will continue taking it for the next 3 months and see how my results improve.

VigRx Formula & Ingredients

The VigRX Plus formula is very unique and contains ingredients that never has been seen before in natural male enhancement pills.

However, what ingredients are used exactly and how do they work?

Let’s find out!

The following ingredients are in VigRx Plus:

This herb is also called Panax ginseng and is an herb that has been used for decades as a natural mood enhancer but could also improve testosterone and erections(1).

This palm extract is known for its powerful effects on prostate health and could also help greatly improve natural t-levels in men(2).

This fruit has some very effective antioxidants that your body uses to improve blood flow, which will help with erection size.

Ginkgo Biloba is a tree found in China and the extracts have been used for many reasons. Researchers found out that it helps greatly with erectile dysfunction by increasing nitric oxide(3).

Damiana is a very powerful plant extract and is said to improve sexual performance and desire. Perfect for increasing libido in men and women.

Not only will Tribulus Terrestris help with improving testosterone, but it’s also proven to enhance libido(4).

This Brazilian plant extract is known to increase libido and promote blood flood by relaxing the blood vessels. It’s also a known herb against depressing and anxiety. 

Epimedium is also known as horny goat weed and like the name already mentions, it’s known for its effects on sexual desire and libido.

This ingredient is added to increase absorption in your body. It consists of black pepper and has been proven to increase the bioavailability of multiple ingredients making it an extra potent blend.

As you can see, the VigRX plus formula is very stacked and contains ingredients that have been used for decades by traditional medicine to cure ED and improve libido.

The VigRX Plus formula consists of ingredients that will either boost your testosterone, increase NO-production, or enhance your libido, making it a compelling and unique product.

VigRx Price & Availability

A single package of VigRX PLUS costs $69,00 and will last you for 1 month.  However, I would highly recommend using it for at least 3 months, and as a bonus, you will get to save a lot if you buy more at the same time.

The prices are as follows:

1 month = $69
2 months = $129
3 months = $179
4 months = $229
5 months = $279
6 months = $329
12 months = $589

As you can see, it will get cheaper the more you buy. If you buy 3 months’ worth of VigRX Plus, you will only pay $59 per package.

It’s best to purchase it through the official VigRX website. On their website, you will also see there other amazing enhancement products.

The Bottom Line

VigRX Plus is a very unique and potent natural male enhancement pill. It contains ingredients that never have been seen before but most importantly, it works.

It changed my life and saved my relationship with my partner for the better good. Research on its effects showed that it could increase erection size but also performance.

It works best if you use it for at least 90 days, so make sure to grab yourself a bulk discount on the official website.


VigRX Plus Review
VigRx Plus 60 Tablets Packages

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