BattleBots 2020 – Black Dragon vs Claw Viper

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Going further in our journey at BattleBots, we stumbled upon the robot Claw Viper, guided by the Team Bad Ideas.

Moments of the fight between Black Dragon and Claw Viper.

In the second fight of the 2020 season we made many changes that were identified in the first match, against Kraken. The performance of our weapon and wedge did not reach what we were expecting, so we modified them.

The first change we made was about the rotation of the “Double Disk”, which, as mentioned before, was getting some acceleration oscillations. We also made changes about our wedge. In the previous fight we used the tilted wedge, but due to its inefficiency with control bots, we opted for the anti-holding wedge, which allows Black Dragon to deal in a much better way with very fast control bots like Claw Viper.

The second when the two robots collided greatly, generating sparks.

Considering the speed of our opponent, we’ve decided once again to use the “Double Disk”, because of its low weight. We also replaced Black Dragon’s cover with a much lighter one, since our opponent did not have structures similar to Kraken’s teeth, so we would have no problems. All of these changes were made in order to increase the speed of our robot.

During the fight we were also able to show, for the first time, our flamethrower system in operation, which was a show on its own.

Black Dragon’s flamethrower system fully operational during the fight.

After the fight, the balance showed to be extremely positive: we’ve managed to win by KO, in addition to not having suffered any serious structural damages, only a minor one to the weapon, which was the result of several collisions with Claw Viper’s body.

This achievement showed us that we were making correct and well thought decisions, taking us forward in the competition, with a lot of determination and focus.

Gabriel Teles, Uairrior Team Captain, giving an interview after their victory.

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