BattleBots 2020 – The Beginning: Black Dragon vs Kraken

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We made the dream come true, again – Uai!rrior Robotics Team participated, for the second time, in BattleBots, an international robot fighting championship aired by Discovery and Science Channel. In the fifth season of the tournament, the robot Black Dragon and its team faced a brand new battle experience, with new robots and also new obstacles. With always the same persistence, our team got into the fights and ensured its place and reputation, marked by moments of glory and difficulties, and all this started back in the first fight: Black Dragon facing Kraken.

Uai!rrior Team participating in the fifth season of BattleBots

In the first fight of the fifth season we were very anxious to face our initial opponent, the robot Kraken. In this fight, premiering Black Dragon in the season, we had some problems regarding the acceleration of our weapon, the “Double Disk”, about its speed. We were getting very elevated speed numbers, which caused our MGM electronic section (electronic kit that ensures the communication and well-function of all the robot features) to stop working. We were also getting very low ones, which was not what we’re looking for.

Weapon used in its fight, the “Double Disk”

When we decided about the strategy we would go with, we considered that our opponent was a control bot (name given to a robot that tries to use its control power in order to get the opponent unable to move), thus it could cause some damage at the top of Black Dragon because of its teeth.

So, we decided to reduce Black Dragon frontal weight and also the weight of its weapon. Doing this we would prioritize the cover resistance, using a metal that offers more force.

Scenes of the fight between Black Dragon and Kraken

During this fight Black Dragon’s integrity got a little damaged. The spark plug, the structure that fires the flames, was broken. The “Double Disk” was also damaged and its top section got scratched by Kraken’s teeth. The tilted wedges (structures of frontal protection that move in a tilted way) didn’t put up the expectations. Our wheels also suffered some mild damages, caused by the hammers.

Scratches in Black Dragon after the fight

Despite all the harm the robot was put through, our team ended winning by the decision of the judges. This first mark gave us some relief and excitement to go on in this journey, waiting for our next opponent.

The team winning the fight and also saluting the members of CE Robots, the team behind Kraken

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