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Robot name:

A Besta

Year of creation:



Middleweight (120lb)


vertical spinner


Aiming to participate in Robogames 2009, the team was faced with the challenge of building a new robot that would be powerful and strong enough to resist the international robots.  So, for the first time, the idea of using a new, totally electric system, based on 3 key technologies emerged: using lithium polymer batteries, the lightest on the market today; working with neodymium magnet motors, in our case the Magmotors; and creating a weapon system with double and redundant drive, through two independent motors and double belts, which would make the robot a synonym of resistance. Even with part of its system broken or partially destroyed, it could still function.

In this way we finalized its project in 2008 and started the battle for resources and support, in order to not only build the robot, but to take it to the International Robotics Competition, Robogames, in 2009. And it was with great pride that we arrived in San Francisco – CA with our project materialized, a unique robot that attracted a lot of attention for its bold and solid design, combined with an impressive ferocity.

Besta was completely built in 7075-T6 aluminum plates, milled and fitted, making the robot very robust and reducing the load on the fixing screws. Its driver is based on only two wheels, which are distant from each other to maintain a good balance and ensure good curves. Its gearboxes were developed by the team and machined in aluminum with tempered steel gears, driven by 1.5 Hp direct current motors, the same motors used in the weapon.

Its weapon consists of a gigantic 3-tooth disc in 1070 steel, coated with hardened tool steel. With approximately half a meter of diameter, this 28lb weapon accumulates an enormous inertia and, when it undoes its blow, it can cut and pull metal with great ease, provoking not only the destruction of its opponent, but also the throwing of the same for the walls of the arena, being able to immobilize it.

This robot is frightened by its great destructive power and aggressiveness, which reinforces its name and imposing design. Indeed, Besta has opened a new era of fighting robots in Uai!rrior, and after it, its middles will never be the same again.


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