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middleweight (120lb)


vertical spinner


Docinho was designed in order to participate in the Robot War, an event that took place together with the 6th ENECA. The initial idea was to merge the main characteristics of two very successful predecessor robots: the Dragster robot ramp and resistance and the Vingador robot revolving weapon, both designed and executed in 2005. In addition, a very bold design was created in its body, different from the traditional robots participating in the competition, both in terms of shape and symmetry, a fact widely explored in international competitions and used in Brazil by few teams.

Modifications, such as the position of the disc and the width of the rear base, gave Docinho an advantage over its direct predecessoVingador: stability and reversibility. The idea of ​​this project was to create a robot as a puzzle, that is, with pieces that are easy to fit and fix using screws. This would facilitate any necessary assembly and disassembly.

A novelty in relation to previous projects is the arrangement of the wheels. There are four wheels for the robot, arranged two by two, a pair on the bottom of the robot (wheels in contact with the ground) and another pair on the top surface of the robot (wheel that will be in contact with the ground if the robot turns). This arrangement is the main feature of the robot’s symmetry.

The body of Docinho is basically made of two aluminum plates and pieces of various shapes and dimensions, properly designed for the robot. The aluminum sheets were laser cut, due to the complexity of shapes and the large number of relief holes. The disc, along with the drive system, are supported by a tower-shaped body, which gives the set a great rigidity. The side protection is made by curved 4 mm polymer plates, giving the robot the ability to, if it is hit laterally, rotate, returning to the wheels again.

In order to obtain the entire mechanical body of the robot with a single piece, a 7075-T6 aluminum block was machined, the same material being used for the disc body, a characteristic that is resistant to fractures, since the suffered impact dissipates throughout the body evenly.


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