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Hobbyweight (12lb)


Horizontal spinner


In early 2011, we decided to create a new Hobbyweight that would follow along with Robot Butcher and later Robot Duck, in order to have a greater representation in this category. With the material defined, the Aluminium 7075-T6, it was time to choose the type of active weapon. Several ideas came up and the one highlighted in the opinion of the whole team was that of a horizontal bar. With excitement, the work started to start the project, after being finished and accepted, we started the construction of the new robot.

Although similar to the Jubileu robot, it was entirely designed from the ground up to meet all the needs of the Hobbyweight category, weighing 12lb, such as motor size, gearboxes, pulley and others. Its active weapon is a small horizontal bar 300 mm long and weighing approximately  3lb. The material chosen was SAE 1090 Steel, whose main characteristic is high mechanical strength combined with good toughness. It’s a difficult material to find in small sizes and that’s why we reused the bar of our old Crápula robot, retired in 2005.

Despite all the short term to design it, the Urubu robot certainly received all the experience already acquired by the Jubileu and other robots, thus achieving greater perfection in the project. With everything ready and the parts already on the sponsors’ machining machines, it increased the anxiety of seeing the robot ready.

Three weeks were enough for all the pieces to arrive, material in hand, it was time to shape the new robot. For this category, a Brushless motor was used in the weapon and two sets of Integy motors with a 16: 1 BaneBots reduction, which is able to provide speed and torque with great precision.

In order to obtain the entire mechanical body of the robot with a single piece, a 7075-T6 aluminum block was machined, the same material being used for the disc body, a characteristic that is resistant to fractures, since the suffered impact dissipates throughout the structure evenly.

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