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Middleweight (120lb)


vertical spinner​


Vingador initial idea was to build an electric weapon robot. However, after great debates and studies by the team, it was noticed the unfeasibility of the original project. It was then that the idea of migrating to an internal combustion motor became real. With this, it was also possible to increase the diameter of the vertical impact saw.

For the first Winter Challenge, Vingador was designed to have two weapons: a vertical steel disk of approximately half a meter in diameter, and a horizontal impact propeller to enable attack in all directions and directions. The weapons could be used one at a time depending on the opponent robot; after all, the weight of the category did not support both weapons in the same robot.

For ENECA, held in October 2005, the Vingador went through some changes. Its disc was remodeled, now having three teeth that are born directly from the anterior tooth, having its resistance amplified. The propeller was abandoned, since Crápula was developed for the same event.

After the conquest of the fourth place in ENECA 2005, the robot was improved and, since then, in all the events in which it participated, the project was highlighted, drawing attention from children to engineers, all fascinated by the power that Vingador has. This was the most outstanding project of the team during the period in which it competed, participating not only in competitions but also in many events throughout Brazil.

The name Vingador appeared soon after the end of the 2004 war, during the ENECA in Ouro Preto – MG. The idea was to get revenge on the Cyclone robot of PUC-RJ, which defeated our old robot Chromus 2.0. The revenge was held when Vingador, in the Winter Challenge 2005, ripped one of the wheels of the robot of PUC-RJ. Its logo was inspired by the character Vingador of the Dragon Cave design.

In order to obtain the entire mechanical body of the robot with a single piece, a 7075-T6 aluminum block was machined, the same material being used for the disc body, a characteristic that is resistant to fractures, since the suffered impact dissipates throughout the body evenly.


Winter Challenge
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