Uairrior currently has 23 active robots

When we talk about robots we are always trying to remember the affection we have for each of our puppies. And today we are going to talk a little bit about all these robots, which are always by our side during competitions.

Uairrior was born in 2001, with our first robot: Scorpion. Who participated in the first robot combat competition in the country and was champion. Since then we have not stopped making new robots.

The technological evolution of combat robots grows a lot every year, so many need to be replaced, so every year Uairrior makes new projects to face the fast growth of combat in Brazil and in the world.

This post will probably be old in a short time, as our robots are always redesigned and replaced. We currently have 23 different robots in our team, which compete for Brazil and the world. Divided into combat robots, autonomous, radio controlled sumo and hockey.

Each category has its differential in relation to opponents and competition that participates.

Scorpion (2001)


Uairrior actively participates in the categories:

● Fairyweight (0.33lb)
● Antweight (1lb)
● Beetleweight (3lb)
● Hobbyweight (12lb)
● Featherweight (30lb)
● Lightweight (60lb)
● Middleweight (120lb)
● Heavyweight (250lb)
● Hockey (15lb)
● Lego Sumo (2.2lb)
● Mini Sumo (1.1lb)
● Follow line
● Radio controlled sumo (6.6lb)
● Trekking (60lb)

We have exactly 14 different categories. The Winter Challenge, a Brazilian competition that takes place every year, encompasses 12 of the 14 categories mentioned and every year we participate in all of them. The only exception is for Heavyweight, the heavyweight category that is represented by Black Dragon, robot champion of the Desperado tournament, at BattleBots 2019 and Middleweight, represented by the General.

Each of our robots has a particularity, and each category a different design challenge.


This is one of the smallest categories in robot combat, as it has only 0.33lb of weight limit, it becomes a challenge to design such light combat robots. In this category we make robots with 3D printing body, which relieves weight and is resistant. We always choose to use active weapons in our robots, because they have a greater destructive potenthw unforgiven 2

In the category we have Kowalski and Recruta, robots that were born in 2020 and 2018, respectively, it is the newest category of the team and we already have a golden title with it, won by Kowalski in the Iron Cup 2020.

Kowalski vs Pico Titan


Antweight is an older category in the team and has great robots like Bacon, born in 2013, it the biggest winner in the category, Colosso, born in 2017 and Piruleta, 2019.

Bacon has a vertical disc and a very resistant structure that resists and strong impacts and it doesn’t stop during a fight. Colosso has an “eggbeater”, a very powerful weapon, occupies the entire front of the robot, and is always waiting for the opponent to approach to strike back a fatal blow. Piruleta is new to the team’s Antweight, as it has a very powerful horizontal weapon.

Bacon vs Cabritinha


At Beetleweight we are represented by the robots Ricota and Martelinho, two highly destructive robots, born in 2016 and 2018 respectively, Ricota is known for the great feat of always getting bronze in competitions, he is a robot that has an extremely strong eggbeater and that destroys many opponents. Martelinho has an extremely powerful vertical disc made of steel, capable of throwing any robot into the air.



In the 12lb category we entered the big arena. In the big arena we have bigger robots with much greater destructive potential too, for safety, both the arena of small and big robots are protected with reinforced material, with transparent polycarbonate plates, which can withstand firearm shots.

We have Xupa-Cabra and Duck robots, extremely agile and strong robots, Xupa-cabra’s weapon can reach its maximum acceleration up to 12000RPM, which makes the robot extremely strong in the face of opponents, but it is not enough a weapon so strong, precise also with a very reinforced structure, and for that we use 7075 aluminum (aeronautical aluminum) in its structure. Duck and Xupa-cabra won titles even though they were in the same category during the Winter Challenge XIV.


The category that represents the 30lb robots, and also the category that has the oldest robot on the team: Jubileu. Born in 2009, Jubileu has a huge legacy at Uairrrior and underwent a redesign in 2019, exactly 10 years later, making the robot guarantee a spot to fight at TechFest 2020 in India, also guaranteeing its third place. Cueio was born in 2018, with a debut well below its potential. However, Cueio really showed his combat potential in 2019, with incredible and exciting fights, unfortunately he didn’t win a title.

Jubileu vs Açougueiro


This is undoubtedly a category to be proud of at Uairrior. Represented by the Federal M.T. 60lb, born in 2012, world champion, holder of the largest number of titles in the category, Federal M.T does not disappoint when he goes to fight, his last visit abroad was at RoboGames 2018, and he was also champion in the last two Winter Challenges.

With its wedges (front of the robot to resist impacts and serve as a ramp for the opponent) made of Hardox steel and its entire structure in aeronautical aluminum, with a vertical impact disc, the Federal M.T. it resists great strokes and manages to turn the corner in almost all fights, it is an extremely stable and destructive robot.

Federal M.T. vs Bugalele


At Middleweight we have the great General (120lb), inspired by Federal M.T., General is world and national champion. With a vertical disc and a flamethrower, General commands respect in the arenas. The category was banned from the country (Brazil) in 2015 for security reasons, so the General currently fights only abroad and wins several titles.

General is the robot that made the team invited to participate in BattleBots. In a competition in 2017, in China, the General emerged an undefeated winner, also winning the most aggressive robot trophy in the competition, in addition he was the winner of the last two editions of RoboGames, making him, therefore, world champion in the Middleweight category.



Weighing 250lb, Black Dragon is the team’s representative robot. New category in the team, but from a project that has been done since 2017 and that was consolidated when we were invited to participate in BattleBots 2019.

Black Dragon was born from a very old dream of the team: to participate in the biggest robotics competition in the world. We built the robot in less than 2 months for the competition, we were not sure if it would work well or if we would have any results. Black Dragon was inspired by robots General and Federal M.T., It has a disk in the format “eggbeater” that weighs about 50lb, a flamethrower and a very robust structure. Therefore, this made the robot much smaller than opponents of the same weight. However, showing that the robot is extremely resistant.

We got eighth place in the biggest competition in the world, we also won the trophy “Desperado Tournament”. All this thanks to each member of the team.

Black Dragon


The category of autonomous has been growing very quickly in the team. We currently have several robots and there is a huge challenge in programming and designing such robots, as they have very complex functions. From the design to the selection of components to the assembly, the members are always running out of time, since from one competition to another there are always better and more accurate components.

We have the category divided into trekking, sumo and line follower. Sumo is also divided into three categories: mini-sumo, sumo-lego and 3kg radio controlled sumo.


We have Bodinho and Besourinho as representatives of the mini-sumo category. With 1,1lb, the category’s goal is to drag the opponent out of the dojo, all of this only through the use of programming and equipment, such as sensors. After several attempts, we won the first bronze medal in the category with the Besourinho robot during Bosch 2018.

In the sumo-lego category we have Legostoso, Del-rey and Uai-lee robots, weighing 2,2lb. The objective is the same as in the mini-sumo category, but only the use of lego pieces is allowed.

Sumo 6,6lb

In the 6,6lb radio controlled juice category we have the Se Pega no Olho, robot born in 2019, Se Pega no Olho is not a self-employed person, but we fit it in this category tofacilitate. Se Pega no Olho is controlled by a radio controller, the objective is still the same, to push the opponent out of the dojo. In this case the dojo is made of steel, so we use very powerful magnets at the bottom of the robot, to force the grip. The magnets can make the robot reach over 220lb.

Follow Line

To close the category of autonomous, we have Rufus, our follow line. Rufus was entirely designed by the team, from its electronic board, fastening components, wheels and programming. Contrary to what many people think, making a robot follow a line is a very big challenge, so much so that we only managed to complete an entire circuit in competition during the Iron Cup 2020.


Trekking category works as follows: a robot is placed on a lawn where they have 3 indicative cones, it needs to touch each point, turn on a light and after making the journey, return. All this without the use of radio controllers, it is a category that we are still crawling with Trem Bagunçado robot, however, as a curiosity, we have a title with him, however, we had no team at the time that could even find the first cone. So, when we managed to find only 1, we were winners.


The category of hockeys works like a football and robots. During a match, three robots from each team are positioned in a small arena, with a goal on each side. Each robot weighs 15lb and the goal is to take a puck to the opponent’s goal, whoever scores the most goals wins the match, which lasts around 5 minutes.

Hockeys are the greatest champions of Uairrrior, they have both national and international titles, their last victory was during Hack Tudo 2019, thus winning the third consecutive gold in less than 1 year.

Born in 2010, hockeys are represented by 3 holders 3 reserves, namely: Cálculo 1, Cálculo 2, E.D.O 1 as holders and G.A., Numerical and Cálculo 3 as reserves.

Cálculos Hockey Team

Final considerations

These are all current robots on the team, but the number of robots that have gone through the team is much greater, keep following the updates to receive more information about Uairrior and the war and robots.

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