Use of 3D printing in our robots.

Our categories of robots are extremely restricted when it comes to weight, for example, fairyweight is a category that allows robots up to 0.33lb. So, how to use engines, controllers, weapons and a robust structure for combat with such a low weight limit?

Recruta – Fairyweight (0.33lb)

One of the solutions found was the use of 3D printing for the robot’s body. We use ABS in the printer’s filament, a material with great resistance to impacts and temperature variation, the filling rate is between 70 and 90%.

In order to carry out this work, we count on our great itajubense partner, Hvex.


HVEX was born as a start-up from members of a high voltage research laboratory at the Federal University of Itajubá – MG in 2011 and in 2018 it was considered as one of the fastest growing companies in Brazil by Endeavor, winning the Scale program Acceleration up.

Seeking to invest its efforts to leverage innovative ideas and projects for the
electrical sector, it became a pioneer in the manufacture of high voltage laboratory equipment in Brazil, developing the best way to meet its target audience through researching new technologies and bringing new technologies. study and trial methodologies for the national industry.

Carcaças 3D de nossos robôs, feitas pela Hvex

Thanks to Hvex, we have a chance to compete with the best materials for our robots, thank you very much!

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