Uairrior – Robotics Team






Created in 2001, it is formed by a coordinating professor and several students from undergraduate courses in Control and Automation, Mechanics, Electrical, Computing, Production, Environmental, Administration courses, and others, all from the Federal University of Itajubá – UNIFEI.

The aim of the project is to develop machines for combat competitions between robots, in various modalities and with different objectives. The robots are developed from projects totally developed by the students and supervised by the professor, using all the infrastructure provided by the University and by the companies that support the project.

Former Uairrior Workshop
FMB China

The team presents an extremely efficient working model where the members are divided into three areas: Management, Electronics and Mechanics.

The experience provided by participation in the Team is of great value for students, as it enables the development of new skills and the ability to solve problems in several areas, many of them different from what they would normally find in their courses and in the classroom.

Today, with the great demand of the market for professionals with dynamism, the project becomes an important extension of the faculty.

The development of skills such as group work, leadership (in the case of the leaders of each area and the team captain) and work under pressure, especially during competitions, is a major differential of the project in relation to the experience of the students involved and that builds a strong foundation for the future.

One of the strengths of the project is also to enable the student to work on projects that work with the latest technology, building a solid background for the engineer in training and making it possible to complete the degree with an added knowledge of significant importance in his career.

All this opportunity to learn makes the selection process for joining the project, normally carried out at the beginning of each year, be very disputed, valuing even more the work and dedication of the members who leave aside holidays and holidays in favor of research and from learning to fun.